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Peter Mackey Plumbing Trusted Service Agent for some of Australia’s leading brands.

Our aim is to provide you the best of quality service. Our trained professional team of experts know how to get the job done right the first time.

We are a locally owned and operated business known for our prompt, courteous and reliable service. Our professional team ensures all the details are covered on all jobs along with quality workmanship.

We diagnose thoroughly to ensure if a repair is required to any part that may be worn or damaged.

We assure quality work on all jobs.

Almost every Australian has turned on, sat on, bathed in or flushed a Caroma product.

In 75 years Caroma have seen plenty of change. What hasn’t changed is Caromas commitment to convey a truly Australian style – fresh, unencumbered by tradition, inspired by tomorrow and world-class.

Almost 70 years ago, Keith Hooper, a former toolmaker, opened a humble tap manufacturing business in the stables of a dairy in Malvern, a Melbourne suburb.

Needing a short, sharp company name, and being an ardent admirer of Henry Ford as a dynamic go-getter, he reversed the D and F in Ford and ‘Dorf’ was born.

Boasting more than fifty years experience in the design and manufacture of bathroom, kitchen and laundry products,

Stylus offers our customers a range of products that deliver true value and functionality.

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Dripping Taps?
Water gushing?
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No hot water?
Big water bill?
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Water running sound?

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